"Nixon shirt" symbolizes rich wrestling tradition at Assumption

Assumption wrestlers began a tradition in the 90s of passing down a tie-died shirt to the next up-and-coming underclassman. It still carries on today. Story here.

DNR patrols rivers, advocates safety for Memorial Day Weekend

DNR will be patrolling the waterways all weekend checking boaters to make sure they're enjoying the unofficial kickoff to summer safely.

Campers get prepared for Memorial Day weekend at Scott County Park

Campers talk to reporter Austin Hansen about the activities they do at the Scott County Park, what they look forward to over the Memorial Day weekend, and how they are preparing for bugs.

Strong Storms Possible

Record heat this weekend?

Emergency boat to aide East Moline fire crews with search and rescue efforts

Thanks to a grant funded by the Department of Homeland Security, crews were able to purchase a new $200,000 rescue boat. According to Captain Derrick Anderson, the boat is designed for night missions and equipped with high-definition sonar technology.


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