Davenport ring stolen scam

A Quad City couple is looking for answers after they say someone stole from them in their home. On Friday, two men claiming to be with the water company worked their way into their home.

Strong Storms Possible

Record heat this weekend?

Emergency boat to aide East Moline fire crews with search and rescue efforts

Thanks to a grant funded by the Department of Homeland Security, crews were able to purchase a new $200,000 rescue boat. According to Captain Derrick Anderson, the boat is designed for night missions and equipped with high-definition sonar technology.

Rock Falls edges Dixon to advance to regional final

The Rockets took a 3-0 lead and never looked back.

Community members say action to curb juvenile crime needs to start now

"A sense of urgency," Davis said. "I see that the kids are hurting and need guidance. They need some adults behind them to show that they care."

Davenport Police urge others to stay safe

Davenport Police are urging others to stay safe, especially during the holiday season.


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