TV-6 sits down with IA Incumbent Gubernatorial Candidate Kim Reynolds

A 1 on 1 interview with Incumbent Candidate Kim Reynolds.

Mostly cloudy & Breezy! Highs in the lower 50s

Clouds on the increase, along with the winds today.

Crews respond to early morning fire in Davenport

Neighbors told our crew on scene that the house may not have been occupied.

Jeg Weet's fight against NPC disease

Four-year-old Jeg Weets was sworn in as a police officer. He is fighting against a rare disease, but his community is fighting by his side.

Speedway Fire Rescue volunteers participate in hands-on training

From rescuing a driver from a burning car to extracting a driver, Speedway Fire Rescue volunteers must be prepared to save a life.

A.M. Dense Fog, then sunny skies!

Fog lifts by 10am. Sunny with spring-like warmth


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