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Incredible Images, Video out of Central Iowa

Incredible images came out of central Iowa tonight after severe weather hit several towns.

Moline Police warn against train jumping

A 12-year-old Moline girl nearly died Thursday morning. She has her life, but her legs are gone.

Ed Froehlich reflects on his penultimate year as Bix race director

After forty years, Race Director Ed Froehlich will step down from the job. But he's still got two more races left before that.

Quad Cities youth crimes become more violent, city leaders address the problem

Davenport city leaders say they know youth crime is a problem and they know they need to do something after two recent incidents become more violent.

Clinton "Drive to Prosperity" reconstruction plan

A press conference was held in Clinton to announce the plan to update city roads to make them safer. The city is trying to get a federal grant in order to help with the costs.


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