Davenport ranked in 2020 America’s Best Small Cities

Published: Jun. 24, 2020 at 2:54 PM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Davenport is ranked 29 out of 100 small cities in the annual 2020 America’s Best Small Cities Report, according to Visit Quad Cities.

“Davenport is honored to be recognized as one of the Best Small Cities in America,” said Davenport Mayor, Mike Matson, in a news release. “We appreciate our diversity and all of our citizens. We work hard to make Davenport a safe, stable, and welcoming community.”

The top five small cities ranked in the report include Reno, Naples, Santa Fe Savannah and Asheville.

Visit Quad Cities said America’s Best Cities ranking is based on methodology using the opinions of the city’s visitors and its residents. The index ranks the success of a city by comparing and analyzing 28 factors grouped in six categories to identify the city’s competitive identity.

· Place - The perceived quality of a city’s natural and built environment, including the sub-categories of Weather, Safety, Neighborhoods & Landmarks, and Outdoors.

· Product - A city’s key institutions, attractions, and infrastructure, including the sub-categories of Airport Connectivity, Attractions, Museums, University Ranking, Convention Center, and Pro Sports teams.

· Programming - The arts, culture, entertainment, and culinary scene in a city, including the sub-categories of Shopping, Culture, Restaurants, and Nightlife.

· People - The immigration rate and diversity of a city, including the sub-categories of Foreign Born and Educational Attainment.

· Prosperity - A city’s employment and corporate head offices, including the sub-categories of Fortune 500 Companies and Household Income.

· Promotion -The quantity of stories, references and recommendations shared online about a city, including the sub-categories of Google Search Results, Google Trends, Facebook Check-ins, Instagram Hashtags, and TripAdvisor Reviews.

“It’s always great to have our region recognized as an economic powerhouse at a national level, acknowledging what Quad Citizens know and love about our area,” said Paul Rumler, President & CEO of the Quad Cities Chamber, in the news release. “As we market our region as a prosperous regional economy where all can thrive, it’s one more ranking we can add to our promotions – one of America’s Best Small Cities.”

A total of 100 cities were ranked as America’s Best Small Cities. For more information about the report you can visit

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