MuscaBus fares to return Wednesday, masks required

MuscaBus will begin charging fares on July 1
Published: Jun. 30, 2020 at 7:55 PM CDT
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MUSCATINE, Iowa (KWQC) - Muscabus will begin collecting fares on Wednesday, July 1.

The Public Transit division of the City of Muscatine said it resumed regular MuscaBus routes on Monday.

Public Transit said passengers will be required to wear face masks while riding the bus at this time, also noting the mask must cover your nose and mouth at all times.

MuscaBus fares will be $1.00 per ride on the route buses and $2.00 per ride on the shuttles.

Public Transit Supervisor Amy Fortenbacher said if a passenger purchased an April pass, they can request a July pass at no additional cost. Public Transit said they kept a list of those passengers and will be able to verify before issuing a July pass.

The following additional information was provided about the MuscaBus service:

·       A route ride fare is $1.00 per ride;

·       Transfers on route rides are free;

·       Children under 5 ride free on routes with a paying adult;

·       A sheet of 12 route tickets is $12.00 (tickets are available at the Department of Public Works on
Washington Street or in the Finance Department at Muscatine City Hall on Sycamore Street);

·       A monthly route flash pass is $32.00;

·       Paratransit (Shuttle), JARC, and New Freedom rides are $2.00 per ride.

·       A sheet of 12 Paratransit (Shuttle) tickets is $24.00;

·       Shell rides are $1.50 each ride but riders need to pay for the entire month;

·       Tickets are not available for Shell service.

Public Transit said MuscaBus was still operating an appointment only shuttle service since regular routes were suspended on April 6, 2020. That special shuttle service ended on June 27.

For more information you can call 563-263-8152 or visit the Public Transit page on the City of Muscatine website.

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