Volunteers organize searches around Davenport for Breasia Terrell

People came out in numbers over the weekend to help search for the little girl
Published: Jul. 12, 2020 at 11:34 PM CDT
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Sunday marks the third day of searches for missing 10-year-old, Breasia Terrell. As the search intensified, many volunteers stepped up to help bring Breasia home.

Part of those efforts came from Breasia's family over the weekend -- with desperate pleas from her mom.

“There’s no way that I can take my butt in at home again. A second night without knowing what’s going on, please help me,” Aishia Lankford said after a search of Fejervary Park on Saturday

Those pleas were answered and the community came out in droves to help look for the little girl.

Family friends, Tashema and Goldie, were searching with a few others on Concord Rd. in Davenport Sunday afternoon. 

“Well, this our second day out here so we been out here so far for about an hour 2 hours. Just need everybody to get up and come out here and join us,” Tashema said.

They said they're seeing even more people come out to help and hope it continues until Breasia is found.

“The community has been doing great trying to find this little girl. We thank everybody that’s been reaching out that don’t know the family just friends of the family just whoever we thank everybody,” Goldie said.  

Also out at the search was Kimberly Whitaker from the AWARE Foundation, a non-profit that provides advocacy for the endangered including missing people.

“AWARE Foundation has received several tips and law enforcement’s following up on those now, but we just need the public to keep their eyes out for her,” Whitaker said, “she’s just...she’s little”.

Whitaker said many groups came out throughout the weekend and some businesses donated supplies to help.

“Staples printed us donated flyers. Walmart’s donated water. I mean the Quad Cities has just been overwhelmingly gracious,” she said, “Biker’s for the Innocence Foundation which is a local motorcycle club here... they searched tirelessly all day. We had just people that have messaged me on Facebook saying hey we want to help where can we meet you”.

As many continue to try to find Breasia, Whitaker said there are good ways to execute an independent search party.

“You have to have permission to search if it says no trespassing please don’t trespass. If law enforcement has an area roped off, do not cross those ropes. If you do come down to search, don’t touch anything. If you find something please don’t touch it,” she said.

“Just reach out if you heard anything. Friends. Families. Out of town. We don’t care where you at. Please just reach out. We trynna bring this lady’s daughter home for her,” Goldie said.

Davenport Police said if people are interested in organizing independent search parties they should be in groups of at least 3 or more. 

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