Severe storms cause damage to many QCA homes Monday

TV6 went out to scope the extent of damages across the area and spoke with a homeowner who had a tree fall on their house
Published: Aug. 10, 2020 at 11:18 PM CDT
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QUAD CITIES (KWQC) - Damage following severe storms was present in the QCA on Monday. TV6 went out to scope the extent of damages across the area and spoke with a homeowner who had a tree fall on their house.

From power outages to homes covered in tree debris, the aftermath of Monday’s storm could be seen throughout the Quad Cities and surrounding areas as many in the community started to clean up.

In Davenport, Vander Veer Botanical Park showed a much different presentation than normal with tree debris across the whole area. Crews from the City of Davenport were present in the neighborhoods cleaning up large trees on the roads. The damages varied from ripped up gazebos to fallen trees on homes.

Across the river in Moline, Abbey Taets and her family were safe following damages from the soft maple tree that landed on their home. Taets and her husband were working from home when the storm hit.

“We heard a noise, I grabbed my dog cause she started barking, picked her up and we like ran to the front of the house and just saw trees over all of our windows, just trees branches, so we waited till the storm calmed down and we came out and looked and it’s worse than we imagined,” she said.

While the external damage may look rough, the internal damage was non-existent. The tree hit close to the corner of an important room in the home.

“That is the corner where our child’s bedroom is. Luckily the tree hasn’t come through our house yet. Hopefully, it doesn’t. It broke a window on the front porch but it’s reaching all the way up to the attic,” she said.

Taets said she’s thankful that her family is safe and she’s looking forward to having a new view on her front yard.

“I’m looking forward to this tree not being here, I suppose. That’s one bright side of this is that this tree won’t be here. It kind of ruined the sidewalk and it was getting really close to our house so I was wanting to have it taken down eventually but I guess this is one way to get this done,” she said, “everyone’s safe and the house isn’t internally damaged so we’re very thankful.”

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