Latest Drought Monitor holds little surprise!

Abnormally dry conditions become more widespread over the QCA
Latest Drought Monitor
Latest Drought Monitor(em)
Published: Aug. 13, 2020 at 9:09 PM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Abnormally dry conditions became much more widespread across the Quad Cities region over the last week. To many, that’s no surprise. If there IS any surprise with this week’s drought monitor, it may be that conditions aren’t actually worse. Sparse rain has fallen in August. Many lawns might be crunchy but the moisture level in the soil for crops hasn’t gotten that bad, yet! However, a major corner could be turned, soon, as exponential drying continues for the month of August. Since June 1st, 9.02 inches of rain have fallen on the Quad Cities. The normal for that period is 10.64 inches so we’re only 1.62 inches behind. However, August has been extremely dry, so far. To date we should have had 1.86 inches of rain for the month. We’ve only had 2 hundredths of an inch putting us 1.84 inches behind, and if the trend continues - which it likely will with little rain in the forecast - next Thursday’s monitor could look quite bad. By the way, the average rainfall for all of August is 4.52 inches. In Iowa, a bullseye of trouble is marked on either side of I-35 with extreme drought to the west, and crops flattened by Monday’s storm to the east. In Illinois only northern portions of the state are dealing with Abnormally Dry conditions. Southern Illinois is holding it’s own, so far.

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