Davenport senior apartments partially out of power Friday

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 7:27 PM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Some of the buildings at Marycrest Senior Apartments in Davenport are still waiting for power. TV6 spoke with residents about how they’re doing and what they need. While power in some buildings is restored, waited outside Friday afternoon for their power to come back on.

Bill, a resident, said even when their power comes back on their need for food will still be there with many on a fixed income.

“These people and me are not gonna have no food for 2 weeks cause most of them spent their money before the storm hit...what they would use on food,” he said.

In addition to food, ice, and water, residents will also need some emergency supplies.

“We’re gonna need to replace food. They need flashlights. Batteries. Things that they can use in the house,” said Eric Helms, another resident. “We also need someone that can come charge wheelchairs cause those people that are in motorized wheelchairs are stuck, either in a chair in their home and can’t go anywhere or do anything or either in a manual transfer chair and still can’t get down the steps.”

They’re doing whatever they can to lend a hand, especially for those who are handicap and stuck in their rooms.

“We just try to bring food up to them. We have neighbors. We have people in the community that are bringing food to them and trying to check on them even though it’s very uncomfortable for them. I mean their apartments are up in excess of 90 degrees,” Helms said.

Helms just moved to the apartments a few months ago to be closer to family. The former ER nurse had to retire due to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, but still finds ways to help out his fellow neighbors during this time.

“You take an oath to always help people and never hurt them and when I got here there was a lot of people that were in need of someone just to come over for an hour and help,” he said.

Helms said they spend their days sitting outside, staying together, and finding ways to help each other. He said it feels good to know they’re in this together.

“It feels amazing because you know you’re not in this alone. You have support all around you and for these people that have no one and don’t have a lot of family, we’re their support. We’re their family.”

The residents said they’ve been told they’ll get their power back by Saturday afternoon. If you’re interested in dropping off items to residents, Marycrest Senior Campus is located at 1607 W 12th Street in Davenport.

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