Small town comes together after Monday’s storm

Published: Aug. 14, 2020 at 7:17 PM CDT
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It’s day five of cleanup and people in the Quad City area are still working to clear debris.

The small town of Clarence, Iowa was left especially devastated after Monday’s storm. Buildings are destroyed, some farm equipment is unusable, and residents have been without power for days. In the midst of destruction, the community is coming together.

“It’s been exhausting. Clarence is resilient and we have gone through a lot together. The community comes together and we help each other out,” says Danielle Hahn, a lifetime resident of the area.

Almost no one in the town has power restored. Most are relying on generators for air conditioning, showers, and cooking. One family is feeding the community a free lunch to help their neighbors.

“When we lost power Monday, I went home and was thinking...we have to do something to feed everyone who’s helping and coming together to clean up. I came to my boss and said ‘Hey let’s do this’ and he said ‘Ok let’s go’” says Kayla Hansen.

Yesterday the family fed 140 people. They have received donations for the food from local businesses and residents, but say if their supply runs out, the family will support the effort as best they can.

“It’s important for us just to take care of our community. We have a lot of elderly people and we just want to make sure to take care of them and really everybody,” Kimberly Daniel says.

“You just can’t believe it. We had seven people out here yesterday helping us, just us, clean up our backyard. I can’t say enough about my town,” Kirby Phillips, 71 year resident of Clarence says.

The small town is working with each other to resume somewhat of a sense of normalcy.

Hansen says, “It’s just amazing to watch everyone come together and help one another. We are a very close community.”

Residents of Clarence say they don’t expect to have power restored for several more days.

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