Volunteers help Cedar Rapids community after storm

Published: Aug. 18, 2020 at 7:03 PM CDT
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The Cedar Rapids area is one of the hardest hit areas from last week’s derecho.

Volunteers from all over the country, including the quad cities, are showing up to help the Cedar Rapids community after the city was left devastated.

A Facebook group, “Iowa Derecho Storm Resource Page” started as a small group of people wanting to help. It then grew into a group of 53 thousand people, all either needing help or wanting to give it.

The grassroots effort has grown into a storm assistance location. Anyone needing help can stop for food, water, toiletries, and more. Anyone wanting to give help can stop to be organized into volunteer groups or donate goods.

“What this shows is that those that are experiencing the destruction ourselves are still showing up to help and get our community on the road to recovery,” says Raymond Siddell, organizer of the effort.

Not only are local residents showing up to help, but people from all over the country are volunteering.

“People are calling asking how they can help. Today I took calls from Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, Connecticut, South Carolina, Texas, and Wisconsin,” says Cory Rath, volunteer and helping coordinate the effort.

“Iowans are helping Iowans because it’s who we are. We love to help, we are friendly and we can count on each other,” says Siddell.

To reach out for help or to volunteer, you can reach out to the Iowa Derecho Storm Resource page on Facebook.

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