Andover girl with rare condition celebrates 20th birthday

Brianna was given a one year prognosis at birth.
Published: Sep. 20, 2020 at 5:43 PM CDT
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A special drive-by celebration for a girl with hydranencephaly took place Saturday.

“She was born without her brain. So she was born with her cerebellum and then a fine line of her cerebrum so the rest is cerebral spinal fluid. So we were told she wouldn’t even make it to her first birthday,” says Brianna’s mother, Barbara Fuller.

With a one year prognosis at birth, her family was determined to make her 20th a big celebration.

“We have always wanted to take Brianna out to Cordova to hear the dragsters. She loves that,” says Fuller.

Brianna is at high risk for COVID-19 because of her condition. So Cordova came to her front yard with a drive-by celebration from neighbors, family, and friends all honking horns and doing burnouts.

“I always tell her that I will go one mile more than what she can make it so we just try to be there for her whatever that means,” says Fuller. “I have always loved this community that we are in. So I wasn’t surprised to see everybody come through today. We have great support here.”

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