Muscatine student makes staff buttons for COVID-19 school year

Published: Sep. 24, 2020 at 6:35 PM CDT|Updated: Sep. 25, 2020 at 1:20 PM CDT
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A Muscatine high school student took it upon himself to make dozens of buttons with pictures of school staff without a mask on, in hopes of making students more familiar with their instructors.

“I saw somebody else putting up posters and pictures to help show teachers faes since kids aren’t able to see their faces at all,” says Silas Hoffman. “Once I saw that I was like 'I’m on the robotics team and we make these buttons all the time. It would be awesome if we just put the teacher’s faces on the buttons and then give them to all the teachers.”

Silas and the robotics team got to work punching out pictures and building buttons for all teachers, staff, janitors, and food workers.

“It’s just to help people out and I mean, I never had to experience not being able to see my own teacher’s face in the classroom and it’s basically a whole new world that we are living in with coronavirus around and it’s just a big difference that probably helps out a lot if you can actually see your teacher’s face," Hoffman says.

He didn’t stop there. Silas also 3D printed thousands of ear savers, a piece of plastic that connects to masks to take the pressure off the ears.

“I have taught here for a long time so kids that have been here, they know me, but new students to the school don’t know me. Younger kids have no idea what I look like under the mask so I think it will be really helpful for that and for kids who are new to the school and don’t know their teacher," says Sarah King, 5th-grade teacher at Grant Elementary in Muscatine. “Silas is really thoughtful of others and being able to take that and put it into action in really a neat way is really cool. Just coming up with this idea and being able to use his techy side, his love of being able to make things and build things and figure out how things work. It’s awesome to see that he’s continuing that passion and putting it to good use.”

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