Davenport’s Hope at the Brick House finds challenges in helping students with classwork

The non-profit has a variety of programs focused on helping the community
Published: Oct. 5, 2020 at 10:52 PM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Hope at the Brick House is a non-profit that helps nearly 30 kids in the Davenport area and offers programs like meal programs, after school activities, and transportation assistance.

For Director Joyce Klopp, who has a teaching degree and has been helping kids in Davenport for 35 years, she struggles to help kids with their online and hybrid school models.

“I have a teaching degree, and I struggle as a teacher to keep up with what needs to happen," said Klopp.

And Klopp is starting to see the stress put on parents and teachers.

“We have the majority of our parents are working essential jobs, and it’s not that they don’t want to be involved, but I have one mom working 13 hour days three days a week and hoping that she can get education done the rest of the days that she’s home and it’s impossible," said Klopp, “It’s double time for teachers, they’re doing in-class work plus online work, and so I just think we need to look at what is best for kids."

But Klopp has worked to find alternatives, including getting kids to do more schoolwork offline.

“We’ve turned our online programs into doing more worksheets and times where we can interact with the kids as well," said Klopp. She’s also being tasked to make sure that kids not only learn but stay engaged.

“We had some weeks where little first graders were saying ‘yeah, I don’t want to do school anymore’ and that’s one of the things that I presented (to the Davenport School Board) was ‘is that what we really want, is for first graders to say is that they don’t like school anymore?'" said Klopp.

And she’s hoping to see kids back in the classroom soon.

“My hope is that we could go back to the classroom and if not that that is really looked at as to how we continue forward and I don’t have the answers to that, and I don’t know if anybody does," said Klopp.

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