Brian Ferentz apologizes to Iowa football players following accusations of racial disparity

Published: Oct. 9, 2020 at 10:37 AM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - For the first time since more than three dozen former Iowa football players came forward with accusations of racial disparity within the Iowa football program, offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz addressed the issue.

“For any player who had a negative experience in our program. For any player who did not feel valued or respected on a human level. I am deeply sorry, and I offer a sincere apology. My personal goal as a coach is to have a positive impact on young people. And it’s painful to learn I may have fallen short in that department, but it’s also a tremendous opportunity to learn and grow” said Ferentz.

Several players accused Brian Ferentz of being a “problem” and that change in the culture of the program, in part, needed to start with him.

“I’d share with you again not the details but a conversation with a former player and in our conversation I appreciate his honesty and candor and you know he told me coach sometimes you’re just abrasive and your comments could be flipping and I didn’t know how to take that all the time. The basis for any relationship has to be empathy right so when I hear something like that it’s disappointing. I’m disappointing in myself that I couldn’t be more empathetic that I couldn’t understand how I was being perceived by that player” said Ferentz.

Brian is the son of head coach Kirk Ferentz who is proud of the way Brian and his entire coaching staff have committed to growth and understanding following the accusations.

“We have all given things a lot of thought and what can we do better, how can we do it better and still hold on to the things that we deem to be really important. And that’s what life’s all about, but I think he’s taking advantage of this opportunity, I think several of us have and hopefully we’re all going to be better coaches as a result of that and you know push forward” said Ferentz.

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