New Approach to Goal Setting

Published: Oct. 14, 2020 at 9:18 PM CDT
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It’s good to have goals. How do you go about setting goals? Coach Ru is back with fresh approaches which puts less focus on the goal itself and more on the motivation and an appreciation of the process.

Ru starts the conversation with a clarification around our relationship with the word “goals”. Let’s face it, goals can lead to failure if you don’t follow through or have success. Such as, if you have a goal to lose weight and you fail, so you feel like a “loser”.

She strongly suggests that we instead identifiy the “why” or motivation for wanting to have that goal. Then analyze the goal. Is it worth the effort and will you truly be happy with the end goal? Rumaisa talks about utilizing visualization as a way to discover how you would feel if you attained the goal. What does it feel like or which emotion is attached?

Another part of the process is to toast your accomplishments---be sure to celebrate what you are doing or have attained. Finally, she says it’s important to break this work down into baby steps which can build confidence. Consider this a more comfortable way to approach goal setting.

Rumaisa Khawaja is a Speaker, Writer, and Transformational Coach Certified in Social Emotional Intelligence in leadership and coaching that works out of the Quad Cities. Check out her podcast: “Real Talk with Ru”

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What is your “Why?” Does it make you happy? Are you passionate about it? Does it set your heart on fire? • • Then...

Posted by Coach Ru on Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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