Polling places accommodated for people with disabilities

Published: Oct. 28, 2020 at 8:00 PM CDT
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Polling places are making sure they are accessible to everyone this upcoming election day.

Disability Rights Iowa, an advocacy group in Des Moines, gave every polling location in Iowa a booklet for poll workers. Included is information on making sure people with disabilities are accommodated and welcomed at the polls.

“There’s 300,000 Iowans with disabilities of voting age. That’s quite a chunk of the population. So it’s really important we include that population so everyone can vote because in a democracy you want to hear everybody’s voice,” says Annie Matte, Communications and Voting Outreach Coordinator for Disability Rights Iowa.

The group says part of being accessible means making sure things like ramps, door handles, parking spaces, and voting machines are usable for people with disabilities.

Iowa also allows curbside voting for people with disabilities. One representative from the Democratic Party and one from the Republican Party will meet you outside. Then you can fill out your ballot from your car.

If you need help marking your ballot, another person can help.

“It’s really important to include minority members of our community like disability members so that their voices can be heard and can make an impact exactly how voting should,” says Matte.

You can find more information on accessible voting here.

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