Rock Island residents reminded to properly dispose of trash during holiday season

Published: Oct. 30, 2020 at 2:32 PM CDT
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ROCK ISLAND, Ill. (KWQC) - The Rock Island County Waste Management Agency is reminding residents to properly dispose of their trash during the holiday season.

The agency says even small socially-distanced gatherings during the holidays can create a large amount of waste. Special attention is needed so recycling materials are clean and marketable for another use.

The Rock Island County Waste Management Agency released the following information explaining how residents should properly dispose of trash:

The drop-off sites sponsored by the Rock Island County Waste Management Agency are conveniently located at strategic locations in the county. Care and attention to proper disposal is essential. Illegal dumping is not allowed. A number of cities offer special waste pick-ups for those hard to recycle items, like mattresses, carpets, furniture, and small home remodeling projects, etc. Larger bulky waste may require contracting for a roll-off with a private hauler or a special pickup. RICWMA also has special programs for household hazardous waste and electronics via the Waste Commission of Scott County.

Examples of acceptable recycling materials and proper handling at the drop-off sites include:

  • Flattened and broken down cardboard boxes
  • Other cardboard packaging materials
  • Tissue paper
  • Cleaned and rinsed plastic food and beverage containers.

Examples of unacceptable materials and items that are NOT recyclable:

  • All forms of Styrofoam
  • Hard, brittle types of plastic materials
  • Clear plastic wrappers from cartons and boxes
  • Glass containers

The Rock Island County Waste Management Agency (RICWMA) asks Rock Island County citizens to “Think CLEAN Recycling” during the fall rather than throwing away items as garbage that could otherwise be recycled or reused. The second ask is to make sure items are allowed, cleaned, and flattened. Area residents should only bring acceptable items to the drop-off locations. Details are outlined on the RICWMA website at Cities hosting the drop-off sites take great pride in keeping them clean. It is no treat to clean up after messy drop-off users. As hosts, they pay the price of having to clean-up if residents discard unacceptable items and don’t pick up after themselves. Citizens can help by picking up dropped items, only putting acceptable items into the recycling containers, and not leaving items that are not acceptable and should be thrown away or called for a bulky waste pick-up at your residence.

Citizens living in Rock Island County are encouraged to utilize their community’s curbside recycling services or to use one of the four regional drop-off recycling sites at the following locations: East Moline – 1200 -13th Avenue (Engineering & Maintenance Services Facility) Milan – 451 West 4th Street Moline - 3635 4th Avenue, at Public Works Department Rock Island – 16th Avenue and 24th Street, at Water Treatment Plant

For more information, residents may contact RICMWA at (309) 788-8925 or visit the website at

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