Gov. Pritzker urges others to be ‘extra careful with a surge of the virus expected’

Published: Dec. 1, 2020 at 5:45 PM CST
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Ill. (KWQC) - Illinois Governor JB Pritzker on Tuesday addressed the state after the health department announced 12,000+ new cases of COVID-19.

The state of Illinois also announced 125 new deaths due to the virus.

In a press conference on Tuesday Governor Pritzker said the state won’t see the bulk of the impact from Thanksgiving quite yet.

“Just as it took time to see the impact of the 4th of July and Labor Day celebrations in the data,” Governor Pritzker said. “Additionally, past experience has taught us that decisions on whether to get tested are much different around the holidays. As expected we saw peak demand in Illinois running up to Thanksgiving, followed up by a significant drop off.”

The governor said this leads to uncertainty in the trends the state is seeing.

“Today’s uptick in our positivity rate could be from exposures beginning perhaps two weeks ago and including exposures that may have occurred at Thanksgiving,” the governor said. “Or it could be attributable to these fluctuations in testing, yet another reason that we need to give ourselves time to monitor changes as behaviors begin to normalize again.”

One thing the governor is certain of is that the virus is “circulating widely” in every county in the state.

“If you are exposed to the virus and become infected you will be infectious before you’re aware that you have the disease,” Governor Pritzker said. “That means if you didn’t socially distance at Thanksgiving and you spent time with people who are not in your family bubble you may feel fine right now but you could nevertheless be passing COVID-19 on to others without knowing it.”

The governor then asked that anyone who did travel for the Thanksgiving holiday to monitor themselves for symptoms. If you’re showing symptoms he asks that you stay home.

“Even if you think you’re having allergies or a mild cold, IDPH recommends that you stay home as much as possible and avoid close contact with others,” the governor said.

If you didn’t travel, the governor said now is not the time to go and visit others in person.

“For those who travelled for Thanksgiving, IDPH recommends that you get tested 5 and 7 days after you return,” the governor said. “So that’s tomorrow, Thursday or Friday. That’s only if you’re asymptomatic and you want to get tested. If you have symptoms you should get tested right away.”

The governor added that this is the time for everyone to be “extra careful with a surge of the virus expected” and to limit mobility outside of your homes.

“Even if you feel well, other than leaving for work or for school or essential trips like going to the grocery store, these next few weeks are a time to stay home as much as possible,” Governor Pritzker said. “Assume you were exposed adn assume more of your coworkers or friends were exposed than ever before and act like it. With social distancing, wearing your mask whenever you’re in public, whenever you’re with other people. It’s the safest thing you can do for the people that you love and for the healthcare workers that risk their lives to help you when you need them.”

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