Maquoketa Public Works offers advice, tips heading into major snowstorm

The storm is expected to bring multiple inches of snow to Northern QCA areas
Published: Dec. 28, 2020 at 10:44 PM CST
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MAQUOKETA, Iowa (KWQC) - “This is the first big one we’ve had now in probably two to three years,” Maquoketa Public Works Director Frank Ellenz said.

2020 has one more “treat” left in store with a major snowstorm expected to hit the QCA late Tuesday afternoon.

With the storm comes an opportunity for people to prepare, according to Frank Ellenz, the biggest thing people can do is drive slower.

“The biggest thing in the winter time is slow down, everybody you talk to says people just don’t get it, they think they’re driving like it’s June 1,” he said.

There’s also a chance to make sure your vehicle has all the right tools in case it gets stranded.

“Other than the jacket you’re wearing you should have a blanket, have a flashlight, you should have a candle for heat, you should have a shovel, extra mittens and a cap, and you know god forsake if you do get stranded for a while you should have something to eat,” he said, “I have a blanket in my personal pickup that’s in there all the time just to save my butt if I do go off the road.”

Ellenz’s goal is have road cleared before 2021 begins.

“Hopefully by new year’s eve the whole town will be plowed and the downtown will be cleared of snow and everybody will be happy,” he said.

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