Moline residents reinvent annual Mexican pilgrimage

The Friends and family have made the annual trip for the past decade
Published: Jan. 9, 2021 at 11:34 PM CST
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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - For the past decade, Josefina Lopez, Luz Ramirez, and other members of St. Mary’s in Moline have made their way to Guanajuato, Mexico for an annual pilgrimage in honor of Saint Nicolas. St. Nicolas is said to have reportedly made his own pilgrimage to the holy land.

“It’s a pilgrimage that we go every year to Mexico, it’s like a promise, like a sacrifice for the intercession of God and then San Nicolasito, we’ve been going ten years now,” Lopez said.

“Because of extreme circumstances and COVID, mom and dad can’t go that much anymore, so we decided to do it here, and we got permission from the church and it’s mostly this family but there’s a lot of families that go every year around this time” Lopez said.

Roughly two dozen walked the streets of Moline to recreate the pilgrimage.

“It’s just a little piece of Mexico here in the states,” Lopez said.

For Ramirez, the pilgrimage in honor of St. Nicolas is tied to her own family.

“This is the patron saint of my mom and dad’s hometown, this is San Nicolas de Augustinos, Guanajuato and we try to go every year to do that walk with them but unfortunately our parents are getting old and they can’t do it, but we thank god that they’re still here with us, especially in this time,” she said.

Lopez said the reason why they continued their pilgrimage this year was to continue passing down traditions to the children in the group.

“Because of the culture and the religion is the biggest in the Hispanic culture, you have to make sure that the kids, they follow and they know what we came from and what our parents and godparents came from,” she said.

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