Silvis native Javier Marquina ready to fight Saturday at River Center in Davenport

Published: Feb. 2, 2021 at 12:32 AM CST
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - When he was 17 years old, Silvis, IL native Javier Marqina moved to Mexico to live with his grandparents. With a passion for boxing his early 20′s, Javier found himself taking 3 hour trips to Mexico City on the weekends to fight.

“You know get a fight in, Sunday morning get another fight in, I’d be fighting two or three times a weekend and it’s like it was pretty intense to get so much experience in such little time” said Marquina.

In just one year, Marquina had fought more than 50 amateur fights.

“You know I wanted to go as big as I could I was thinking you know I could probably get two pro fights a month and start living off that that was my dream.”

By his late 20′s plans had changed. Javier thought his fighting days were over

“I had to stop because I didn’t have the money behind me, I didn’t have a promoter, I didn’t have the opportunities down there with the little pay that I would get.”

Javier left Mexico and began pursuing work in the Quad Cities to help support his wife and family

“When I got married I had to put my ego away and it’s like you know what I gotta give what’s best for my family if I have better opportunities here you know I gotta put what I like aside.”

After walking away from boxing, it didn’t take long for boxing to come back into Javier’s life

“You know my family hey you gotta keep going you still got it in you like I said they turned that light back on.”

At age 29, Javier’s family in Silvis helped inspire him to get back in the ring

“This time around it’s like hey I got family here now it feels good, it’s motivating knowing that people support”.

For the first time in his life, Javier is getting to fight in front of his family from Silvis but back in Mexico, Javier’s wife is waiting to immigrate to the United States

“Not being able to be down there you know coming here and being like hey you know what like I said before it’s about appreciating the opportunities that you have. That’s the drive.”

On top of working nearly 50 hours a week as a welder, NAT every day before his shift begins, this is where you’ll find Javier at 2:00 in the morning...

“A lot of people say I’m pretty crazy with it like man I do the best I can to get enough sleep, that’s the hardest part because you know I’m in bed by 5:30, 6, 6 pm you know just to be able to have the power I guess to get up and train.”

Javier knows he’s nearing the end of his fighting career.

“My wife gets mad at me with all this boxing too she’s like you better take advantage that I’m not down there because once we have kids you know I don’t want you to be boxing anymore so it’s like that’s kind of another drive to so it’s like I better do the best I can like while I can do it.”

Marquina is determined to go out on top

“Come Saturday, it’s gonna show, all the work that I put into it.”

Win or lose, to his family, Javier Marquina will always be a champion. Marquina is one of eight local boxers from the Quad Cities area who will be fighting Saturday night at the River Center. The entire fight card and information about tickets is below. For information on how to watch a live stream of the fights online, click here.


Pro Boxing

Feb 6th   The River Center   7 PM

Tickets Available at the door General Admission $32

Alien Boi Boxing & Calkins Sports Productions

Fight Card

4 rds    Abe Flores  (Moline)  vs    Daniel Buenaventura  (Chicago)   126 lbs

4 rds   Travis Thomas  ( Davenport)  vs  Thomas Allen  ( Bronx, NY)  147 lbs

6 rds    Cruse Stewart  (Cedar Rapids )  7-0   vs  Jarvis Williams 8-3-1  (St Louis )  160 lbs

4 rds    Pachino  Hill  ( Davenport)   vs   Demetrius Walker   (Kansas City)  168  lbs

4 rds    Jeremy McGuire  ( Minonk, IL  )    vs   Lupe  Jimenez ( East Moline)  147 lbs

4 rds    Javier Marquina  (East Moline, IL)  vs  Edgar Uvalle  (Des Moines)  130 lbs

4 rds   Summer Lynn  (Chicago)   vs   Jozette Cotton  (Omaha )  154 lbs

4 rds   Tony Woods  (Cedar Rapids)  vs  Taurean Bogguess  (Davenport)  160 lbs

4 rds   Joe Perez ( East Moline)  vs  Lance Williams  (Muscatine)  140 lbs

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