Baked Beer & Bread Co. temporarily shuts down dining due to water pipe burst

Published: Feb. 25, 2021 at 9:27 PM CST
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Baked Beer & Bread Co. in the East Village of Davenport is temporarily closing their doors after thousands of gallons of water burst from its pipes on Wednesday. Owner Bill Sheeder says the damage may not be covered by insurance because the sprinklers may have been improperly installed.

Sheeder says the entire pipe “broke down and opened.” The sprinklers sprayed water for about 15 minutes until the Davenport Fire Department was able to turn them off. Sheeder says employees that were there at the time were able to shut off the main water, but the sprinklers had their own separate direct line.

The thousands of gallons of water seeped into the original cedar wood floors Sheedar had just redone during the pandemic. The water, he says, is sitting below the wooden planks because there is no way to get it out without tearing up the original floors.

There are dehumidifiers and fans throughout the restaurant in hopes of repairing the damage. For now though, the restaurant is closing the dining area. “It’s another shutdown we’ve had. It’s really deflating… how many times can you be kicked in the gut?” says Sheeder. He says they’ve been able to make things work with the slowdown of the winter and COVID sales, but this is just another issue they’re facing.

Sheeder says he’s optimistic they’ll be able to get through this, opening for delivery and take-out or “Take and Bake” on Friday. “We’ve dealt with a lot so I think we can obviously get through this, but one day at a time.”

Sheeder says their sprinklers were installed by Traco Fire Protection a few years ago. The company could have been held liable for the damage done this week, but Sheeder says they went out of business last year. TV6 reached out online and by phone, but Traco Fire Protection’s line has been disconnected.

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