Finding Balance

Published: Mar. 2, 2021 at 10:07 AM CST
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Dr. Rachel Eva Dew is the guest discussing the topic of “Finding Balance”. She’s a specialist in natural and integrative medicine and co-founder of the first integrative telehealth service, ModiHealth. She offers tips on what “balance” looks like now during and throughout the pandemic. Watch the segment to learn more.

Her major tips are the following:

1. Limit intake of traumatic images & news by reading articles vs watching video footage.

2. Up-level your self care practices.

3. Talk to friends about your feelings and brain storm actionable solutions

4. Focus on solution oriented actions & take consistent positive actions (like voting!!). Change is a process and it requires action.

5. Avoid foods that drain your energy or deplete your immune system - sugar, alcohol & processed foods.

6. Meditate, pray, or take steps that help you feel spiritually connected and calm.

7. Get enough rest... the amount of stress is high and this means we need more rest to recover and rebalance.

8. Take care of your physical body - be sure you are still taking health safety precautions (masks and hand washing) as well as getting outside and exercising!

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