‘That was my baby’: Family remembers Davenport 14-year-old

“I’ll never have my son back again.”
Published: Mar. 2, 2021 at 6:01 PM CST
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - “That was my baby,” said Brandy Coleman as she described her son Jamon Winfrey. “I miss everything. I miss him calling my phone every day.”

Jamon died last week following a gunfire incident in Davenport on the 1300 block of Farnham Street.

He was Coleman’s youngest child and only son.

“It’s nothing you could do to even get through this pain that I’m feeling. It’s nothing a person can say. I mean I’ll never have that...I’ll never have my son back again,” she said.

The friends and family of Jamon refer to the 8th grader as “Snoop”. The family spent Tuesday afternoon creating a memorial to remember the young teen. Balloons, hearts, candles, and pictures were canvassed on a large tree outside of his home.

“Snoop...he is the joy of our family and I couldn’t imagine anything happening to any of my cousins,” said Rashaunda Lacy, Jamon’s Cousin. “He was a good kid. He was a free spirit, you know...I loved his smile. I was blessed with being able to see him born and he took my heart immediately after that. He was a good kid. After meeting him he’ll have a hold on you,” she said.

Coleman said her son loved playing games and had many ambitions.

“Maybe 30 minutes he wanted to be a basketball player. Next minute a doctor. You couldn’t keep up with him,” she said.

She also reflected on a conversation that they had about death.

“I can remember me and him talking about death before and me and his sister and he said, ‘Well mom if you was to die, I’m not gonna let them bury you. I’ll keep you at my house. You’ll be in a room at my house. I’ll just never bury you.’ You know, we thought that was the funniest thing in the world, but I mean, I really believe he felt that way. Like that’s the bond we had. That’s my child,” Coleman said.

Coleman said on that day she left home to go to the store and when she came back Jamon was gone. She said she knew something was wrong after friends notified her about an incident and she went looking for her son in the area.

“I went into that area looking for my son. After like two and a half hours searching for my son, I went to the police station. I put in a police report. I also let them know that that was my son that got out that car. Which I guess neighbors had already said that they seen an individual jump out the car and run and then I knew that something wasn’t right,” she said. “It was going on five hours and my son hadn’t [responded]. Nobody had seen him. Nobody had heard from him.”

Police said his death was connected to the gunfire incident on Wednesday between three stolen vehicles and they believe the situation is gang-related.

“Now as far as him being in a gang, no. I can’t really say for sure cause I don’t have a lot of details,” Coleman said. “He knows a lot of people”, Lacy chimed in. “He knows I mean a lot of people,” Coleman said.

Juvenile crime remains prevalent in the community.

“From what I’m understanding, it’s kids that’s actually doing these...committing these crimes. I don’t know. Maybe the parents need to take more time out with their kids,” Coleman said, “What can we do to stop it?”

The family is continuing to remember Jamon, a young teen who lost his life due to gun violence.

“He here with us. He’s always going to be here with us,” Lacy said, “Long live Snoop.”

Coleman said the family has set up a GoFundMe to assist with burial costs and is accepting donations through Cash App under $Terrencemom30.

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