Volunteers get ready for the annual Davenport Corridor Cleanup

Published: Mar. 18, 2021 at 8:24 AM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) -Volunteers are preparing to give Davenport a good Spring cleaning for the annual Davenport Corridor Cleanup.

The cleaning event will be Saturday March 20th, from 8am-11am and registration to volunteer is already filled.

Davenport Public Works says the combination of rain, melting snow and litter can cause big issues if not cleaned.

DPW says when the snow melts or if it rains, that water goes down the storm drain, and is not filtered in any way.

This means all of the pollutant, trash and litter get carried to our local water ways, creating a bigger problem, pollution.

Leaders with DPW say every year volunteers typically pick up 3 bags of litter each.

The results usually amount up to 150 bags or more.

“You know we use to traditionally do a lot of cleanups in August but by that time you got people trying to trip through high weeds and things like that but quite frankly in March you know when the snow you know melts, that’s when its most visible, that’s actually when we get the most complaints about this kind of thing too,” said Robin Dunn, Communications and Preparedness Manager at DPW.

This year will have some changes of course due to the coronavirus.

Mask will be worn during check-in, and supply distribution.

Once volunteers are socially distanced they will be allowed to remove their mask while cleaning up outside.

“Their comfort level when working in the pod their usually working with you know at home, you know they’ll be allowed to if they don’t want to wear their mask, they will not be forced to,” said Dunn.

DPW is also asking drivers to slow down and be cautious when they see volunteers working.

Here is a list of areas volunteers will be:

DPW is also giving drivers some instructions, if you see volunteers, wave and say thank you for their hard work in keeping Davenport clean.

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