A Home For EveryBunny: Iowa’s Rabbit Rescue

Published: Apr. 3, 2021 at 7:57 AM CDT
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Those precious bunnies in the pet stores look even more adorable to parents looking for a cuddly Easter gift for the kids. All too often, this leads to miserable bunnies and pet owners because of a poorly-considered decision. Rachel McCarl, Founder & Adoption Coordinator with A Home For EveryBunny: Iowa’s Rabbit Rescue, joins PSL to talk about the rescue, her long history of rabbit ownership, and the rescue’s mission to find rabbits proper, loving homes. This segment is also meant to educate the public about the dedication it takes to keep bunnies as pets.

Bunnies are truly adorable and tempting, and they make amazing pets for people who have the right personality type and dedication to take care of a rabbit. Affectionate and generally sweet-natured, many breeds fit right into family life. But they are considered Exotic Pets which takes special care and it is harder to find veterinary care. Watch the video to learn more and see some of the CUTEST PICTURES EVER OF RABBITS OF ALL AGES!! See images of adoptable rabbits HERE.

A Home for EveryBunny is Iowa’s only house rabbit rescue. Rabbits are the third most common animal to end up in a rescue (after cats & dogs, of course). Unfortunately, while many rescues are doing their best, rabbit care is much different than that of cats and dogs and can leave rabbits in shelters without the specialized care they need. A Home for EveryBunny, provides the specialized care that rabbits need for their health and success through our network of foster homes all across the state (including Davenport). They also provide personalized attention to each adopter, so that they can find the pet that will best fit their home for years to come.

Please keep in mind: A hutch is not enough! The rescue rabbits from A Home for EveryBunny will all end up in homes where they live indoors, with a large area to live, play, and enjoy life! They require at least 16 square feet of space for rabbits, though some will require more space than others! And they need daily exercise and must be fed often. Why is a hutch not enough? Research shows that rabbits living outdoors live an average of 2-3 years, while indoor rabbits live an average of 10 years. Owners also get to interact more with their pet, which makes both the animal and people much happier! Indoor rabbits also have a chance to show off their fun personality! See the RABBIT CARE GUIDE HERE.

Anyone who adopts a rabbit through A Home for EveryBunny has to go through a thorough adoption process, which includes vetting, interviews and even a meet-and-greet with the rabbits to ensure they’re a good fit in their potential owner’s home.

Anyone with questions about rabbit adoption can contact A Home for EveryBunny at

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