Community gathers in Davenport for Breasia Terrell vigil

Multiple religious leaders recited prayers in Terrell’s memory
Published: Apr. 5, 2021 at 11:10 PM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Katie Stuart didn’t know Breasia Terrell personally, but knew she had to do something in her memory. Stuart organized a vigil at LeClaire Park in Davenport with multiple religious leaders.

“Just to have the magnitude that we had tonight, it was heartwarming,” Stuart said, “We have so many things trying to divide this country, whether it’s politics or race or whatever the issues are there are so many things, we need unity, we need to push those sides away and get over those humps and come together.”

Mechelle Kyles didn’t know Terrell either but said she would pray and support any child that had gone through what Terrell did.

“It wasn’t my child, I didn’t know Breasia personally, and maybe some of them didn’t but this news was devastating so this is what we have to do,” Kyles said, “When it’s someone’s child, it’s all of our children and so we have to come together and this was just beautiful everyone coming together here to pray.”

“Breasia didn’t affect just my heart...this community adopted her as a whole,” Stuart said.

Stuart said she’s proud of her community for rallying together.

“I love Davenport, I was born and raised here so when things happen in our community and it’s not even just our sweet Breasia but just all the different crimes and the violence and things that are going on and we just got to come together more and do more for our community,” Stuart said.

“It really blessed me I was so thankful to see just all backgrounds, again all nationalities, all colors, coming together,” Kyles said, “It’s just time to pray, it’s just time to pray.”

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