Community reacts to ’disturbing racist scene‘ with Moline HS Football team

The reaction comes as Moline PD has finished their own investigation
Published: Apr. 10, 2021 at 11:12 PM CDT
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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - Community members shared their sadness, anger, and shock Saturday after a viral video which Moline Police described as a “disturbing racist scene” surfaced from the Moline High School football team Friday.

In a release from Moline Chief of Police Darren Gault, he said “We all agree that regardless if the students viewed this as a joke, it is unacceptable behavior...This is a teaching moment for everyone and a reminder that we can do better. We can treat people better. We can be better friends. We can be better teammates. We can be better people. “We can also stand up and confront situations when they are wrong. In doing so we can raise our morals and increase the respect we have for each other end.”

For Tracy Singleton, who started the non-profit Well Suited which helps mentor young men, she found the situation unfortunately familiar.

“You could see it in his face like I could see it in his face like I don’t know who he is, I don’t know his family but I know the look because I’ve seen it in my own son’s eyes so I just felt so bad for him” Singleton said, “And then I felt anger.”

Elizabeth Ohsann felt the anger as well. Ohsann is the granddaughter of former Moline head football coach and national high school football hall of famer Harley Rollinger. Ohsann said her grandfather would be ashamed.

“What happened today would not make him proud by any means, I can’t believe that the game continued, that that boy had the trauma of having to continue with his teammates, should you use that word, to ride home on the bus with those boys only to be met with the police,” Ohsann said.

Moline has two games left in their Spring football schedule, with a game against Sterling at home on April 16, and finishing off the season on the road at Geneseo on April 23.

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