Woman accidentally gets mix of COVID-19 vaccines in Calif.

Published: Apr. 28, 2021 at 8:29 AM CDT
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SONOMA, Calif. (KOVR) - A woman in California is doing fine after she received doses of two different COVID-19 vaccines.

“What good would it do to be afraid of anything,” Joan Lawton said.

Lawton said she had gone to a local vaccine site for her second dose and, despite her vaccination card having Pfizer’s name on it, the staff at the site accidentally gave her a dose of Moderna.

“I signed some things, they gave me a shot and off we left,” Lawton said about the experience.

While her sons are furious about the mix-up, Lawton herself isn’t worried.

“I feel no different and I don’t give a darn,” she said.

Officials say medically, there is nothing to worry about. Although it’s not ideal, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention explains that since Pfizer and Moderna are mRNA vaccine products, they can be given together.

“Such persons are considered fully vaccinated against COVID-19 at least two weeks after receipt of the second dose of an MRNA vaccine,” the CDC states on its website.

Once a nurse, Lawton says shots like these are no big deal to her.

“I’ve always given them and taken them,” she said. “That’s the way we did with other things years ago like smallpox. Everybody got inoculated.”

The vaccination site has been contacted for a statement about the mix-up but have not responded.

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