‘We’re going to be homeless’: Dozens of Crestwood Apartment residents getting kicked out

Published: Jul. 16, 2021 at 10:32 PM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Over 100 Davenport residents are being kicked out of the Crestwood Apartments within days. The residents found a letter on their doors in the middle of June from Crestwood Property Management saying the property had been put up for sale and all tenants must vacate their apartments by August 1st.

Tenants say the issue lies between the lack of affordable housing in the Quad Cities and too little time to find and apply for new apartments. Some like Danicka Melhorn say they’re starting to face the reality that they won’t have anywhere to live by the time they’re kicked out at the end of the month. “It’s not because we didn’t pay rent or we damaged the property, it’s because our landlord sold the property from underneath us,” she says.

Melhorn says her family stays up past 2 a.m. every night, contacting over 40 apartments and housing units available in the Quad Cities, but hasn’t had any luck. “We have no idea where we’re going to go. We have the money, rent, we just have nobody to take us,” she shares.

Finding affordable housing on such short notice has been incredibly challenging, according to Melhorn. She says she’s in search of a 3-bedroom apartment with enough space for her disabled children, but “there’s not enough places in the Quad Cities for everybody to go.”

Kelle Larned, the Program and Operations Director for the Salvation Army says, “this is a huge problem and it’s going to continue to get worse. It’s only the tip of the iceberg at this point. When the moratorium lifts at the end of this month, people are going to be evicted left and right. We’re going to try and get them to call us first, but some are unpreventable at this point and then people are going to enter the homeless population.”

Salvation Army already has over 50 families on the waiting list for shelters with possibly hundreds more on the streets. The organization as well as Legal Aid and Humility Homes & Services visited the complex on Wednesday to assess the amount of support the residents need. 54 families attended, which is about 150 people. Larned says in order to help those families pay for deposits to secure apartments, they would need about $150,00. Some of that is already available through their foundation, but city support would be a great asset.

She says working with the City of Davenport to provide more affordable housing and maintaining current complexes could cut down on some of the issues many are facing. According to Larned, since August of 2002, Salvation Army in Davenport spent approximately $700,000 in homeless prevention. That means helping families who faced hardships during the pandemic pay their rent and assist them in applying for housing.

Crestwood Apartments is among several apartments in Davenport that have faced months of neglect. Larned says she’s heard Crestwood is “uninhabitable” due to a lack of water, caved-in walls, and mold in some apartments.

The tenants below Melhorn’s apartment reportedly had feces overflowing from their toilet for days before management was able to make repairs.

“Keep the prayers up because I really don’t think we’re all going to find housing in times. We’re going to be homeless or living in our cars,” says Melhorn.

TV6 reached out to the landlords at Crestwood Apartments for comment and was sent to voicemail. We also contacted the property managers in Minnesota, when we tried to leave a voicemail there, the inbox was full.

If you need help, the Salvation Army says they recommend you reach out as soon as you can. You can contact them by calling 563-324-4808.

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