TV6′s Skubie Mageza headed to ESPN

Published: Sep. 10, 2021 at 3:21 PM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - KWQC-TV6 is proud to announce TV6 Sports’ Skubie Mageza is headed to ESPN.

Mageza, a sports anchor and reporter for TV6 for more than three years, is joining the largest sports broadcast network as a digital sports host. He will do sideline reporting for college football games and other sporting events around the country.

Iowa State and Northern Iowa football fans may have seen Skubie on ESPN Plus already as he reported on the sidelines of the Sept. 4 game between the Cyclones and the Panthers.

“My entire career I’ve been asked ‘what’s your dream job? and my response has always been ‘I want to work at ESPN,’” Mageza said. “Getting this opportunity is truly a dream come true and It still doesn’t feel real. The path I took to get here has demanded an immense amount of faith and a strong grip on ‘trusting in the process.’

“My first job out of college was working as a teleprompter worker at a local Boston station from 3 to 11 a.m. because I struggled to find an on-camera opportunity. Then my first on-camera job was in one of the smallest markets in the entire country. I’m grateful for every step along the way because it was truly God’s plan. Coming to KWQC was a part of it. During my time in the QCA, I’ve been given the freedom to be myself and let my creativity run no matter how crazy my ideas were. The growth from that freedom is what caught the attention of ESPN and it’s made me who I am today.”

“We are so proud of him,” TV6 News Director Stephanie Hedrick said. “Skubie’s style of reporting and his dedication to local sports stories have resonated with many of our viewers. His energy and presentation of sports has brought so much to the TV6 team both on-air and in our newsroom. He will be greatly missed.”

“Skubie was such a ray of light in the TV6 newsroom,” TV6 Sports Director Joey Donia said. “He is always building others up and spreading positivity. I’m so thankful for his friendship, and I’m so proud of him. He’s an amazing talent and will do incredible things at ESPN.”

Mageza has used his platform to bring more light to issues of equity and inclusion.

He has spoken openly on-air about his experience as a black man in the sports and broadcast industry and lead the launch of the TV6 interview series, “Real Conversations,” in partnership with the Lincoln Center.

“Skubie’s journey is taking another step forward,” Tracy Singleton, director of the Lincoln Center, said.

“I am grateful that I had the opportunity to not just work with him on community events but also to be a part of the conversation for change in our community. When someone can come into a community and immediately make impact, that speaks volumes on their character. Every time he was on the air. Every time he shared his story. Every time he talked about his dreams, his words touched the soul of a boy who looked just like him. It gave them the inspiration to know that they matter.”

Mageza has also spoken at different events including the iMatter Rally held in October 2020.

He served as a mentor for the Boys & Girls Club and has been involved in “Well Suited,” an organization dedicated to mentoring young black boys and men in the Quad Cities.

“One of the beautiful part about working in the Midwest is everyone cares deeply about their local sports and what’s going on in their communities,” Mageza said.

“Although I’m not from here, I was welcomed in as if I was. What blew my mind away was how often people would go out of their way to say kind things about my sportscasts. It was truly the fuel that kept me going every day and I wanted to do whatever I could to help make this a better place. God blessed me with a platform and with it, my goal was to ‘inspire’ & ‘empower’ the youth because they are the future who will create change. The QC will forever be a home away from home for me because the people in this community and I will truly miss them.”

Mageza’s last day on-air is Thursday.

“Our viewers understand the Quad Cities is often a place aspiring journalists come to learn,” Sue Ramsett, KWQC Vice President and General Manager, said. “Skubie has also taught us a lot, especially about creating a more inclusive workplace and community. Skubie’s authenticity and courage have inspired so many. Those qualities are an important part of his TV6 legacy.”

Visit Mageza’s bio page to learn more bout him.

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