Quad Citians seek legal advice ahead of federal vaccine requirements

Published: Sep. 13, 2021 at 6:52 AM CDT
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QUAD CITIES (KWQC) - Vaccine mandates are taking effect on a national and local level, raising questions for employers and employees.

Vaccine mandates are already in effect in Illinois and President Biden announced last week a new federal vaccine mandate.

Quad Cities Lawyer Eric Puryear says he’s been getting more and more calls from people asking for legal advice against vaccine mandates.

Puryear says many of the people who call say they feel they’re being forced to get vaccinated.

In his advice, Puryear says he usually explains to people the difference between ‘force’ and a mandate.

He says the government is not forcing needles into people’s arms, the decision to get vaccinated is entirely up to the individual.

“We each control our own body, its a very important right, but that right means we can’t be made to be vaccinated, it doesn’t mean we get to occupy other people’s property, breathing out possibly infectious diseases because we choose not to be vaccinated I would tell such a person, that that employer who owns the building, who pays the property tax on it, who pays the rent on it, who has a responsibility to the other people present in that business, has a right to exclude them if they chose to make a medically dangerous decision,” said Puryear.

In short, Puryear says an employer can uphold vaccine mandates if it’s in their policy, and an employee can either agree to the mandate or find another job.

More questions and topics like these will be brought up this week in a virtual event hosted by the Quad Cities Chamber, Friday at 10am.

You can register to attend the 45 minutes event by heading to the Quad Cities Chamber website, a list of highlights and takeaways of the webinar will also be included.

TV6 will be streaming this event live online.

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