‘The state of need in the QC’: local organizations discuss family, education and health

Published: Sep. 15, 2021 at 11:09 AM CDT
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Quad Cities (KWQC) - Local organizations video chatted together Wednesday to discuss ‘The state of need in the QC’.

This is in partnership with United Way Quad Cities and the TV6 News Alert Desk, as they work together to expose Quad Citians to available local resources.

In Wednesday’s segment, the Martin Luther King Center, Family Resources, United Way Quad Cities and a representative with Quad City Bank and Trust Company, talked about positive and negative trends they’ve seen, while working to fulfill the need of Quad Citians.

Some of the negative trends came directly from the coronavirus pandemic: lack of funding, childcare, student engagement, and exposure to local resources.

“We really saw some need for people’s basic needs, such as housing, shelter, food. It also put stress on families and not knowing if their kids are going to get an education,” said Nicole Cisne Durbin, President & CEO of Family Resources.

“COVID exposed to us a lot of things that have just been under the surface for a long time and it’s time to talk about it, but its more important to step forward and actually do something about it,” said John Anderson, CEO of Quad City Bank and Trust Company and United Way Board Member.

Organizations went over a few positive trends, like more people wanting to help create diversity, equity and inclusion, local organizations coming together to support one another and exposing more people to businesses that lack people of color.

Rene Gellerman, President & CEO of Untied Way Quad Cities says last year the organization helped 140,000 people, in comparison to the year prior, they were only able to help 55,000 people.

“For instance something as large as just being able to expand our afterschool program, into the school day when kids are working remotely from home and not working with us, but turning to another non profit to help those kids get to our facility...individuals who build desk for kids to take home, and calling us to help distribute those, was a large and a small thing,” said Jerry Jones, Executive Director of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center.

Wrapping up the discussion, organizations highlighted on solutions to help the Quad Cities education, income and health needs.

“I think traditionally the financial service world has not been as open to people of color and its been harder for POC to get in and I think by creating that opportunity, it also creates a deeper conversation, in terms of all of us need to reach inward and ask ourselves that question. How can we help and how can we lift people up?” said Anderson.

On the next segment, the TV6 News Alert Desk will be talking about ‘AALS Building Bridges Initiative, connecting black-led service providers with tools to succeed.’

You can watch this segment live on our website September 29, 2021. A time is still TBA.

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