Scott Emergency Communications Center implements computerized dispatch system for some calls

Published: Sep. 21, 2021 at 2:02 AM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - A new computerized radio system is helping the Scott Emergency Communications Center dispatch first responders faster.

The system, nicknamed Samantha, began a few weeks ago and is part of the G2 Phoenix Fire Alerting System. Right now, the Davenport Fire Dept. is using the system. The rest of the county is expected to follow by the end of the year.

When a dispatcher receives a call and begins entering the information into their computer, the system offers recommendations based on the type of call and its needs. Once dispatch hits accept, the system puts a call on the radio automatically.

“The hope is that we will speed up the response. Make it quicker,” Dave Donovan, Director of the Scott Emergency Communications Center, said, “We don’t have to put a caller on hold potentially or wait until there’s a break in the phone call to be able to dispatch resources. It’ll do it automatically. That gives our dispatchers a moment if they’re maybe still on the phone with that caller. To wrap up that phone call.”

Donovan said dispatchers will often get on the radio with more details afterwards, but the automated system helps to get first responders on the road more quickly.

“Through a mouse click, or keystrokes, it will get the new call going while they’re still wrapping something else up,” Donovan said.

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