Today’s ag report: Fall Foliage

A look at our fall season
Published: Oct. 4, 2021 at 5:34 AM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - Hi there and welcome to this week’s ag report where we discuss stories and ideas that demonstrate that agriculture happens on more than just the farm. And this week we are talking about one of my favorite things, Fall foliage. And I’ve had the opportunity to talk to both the Iowa and Illinois DNR about what to expect here this year. Both of them have cause for concern about areas north of I-80 not having those brighter colors. And that has to do with most of us under moderate drought north of I-80. So we might not get those bright oranges or yellows like we’d used to, but since we are now getting less than 12 hours of daylight we should start to see those colors change. We are not going to produce that chlorophyll that makes our leaves look green. And we are expecting it to peak north of highway 30 in Iowa sometime near the first week of October, mid October right along the I-80 corridor and late October in SE Iowa. The state of Illinois reports about the same with areas north of highway 20 the first week of October, mid-October along I-80 and late October in the southern part of the state. NW Illinois is one of my favorite drives along highway 52 and IL 84 near Savanna. Of course we have to clean up some of these leaves and a mature Oak tree has nearly 200,000 leaves! Wet leaves can weigh 4 times as much as dry leaves, so if you can get out of there while it’s dry please do so. If you have a drive or story idea for this segment. Send us an email at That;s it for this week’s ag report.

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