Project NOW partnership with 14th Judicial Court offering $1.5 million in rental assistance

Published: Oct. 12, 2021 at 6:26 PM CDT
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QUAD CITIES (KWQC) - Project NOW is offering $1.5 million in rental assistance now that the eviction moratorium ended in Illinois on Oct. 3.

The rental assistance is part of a partnership with the Rock Island county’s eviction diversion program and the 14th Judicial Circuit Court. The organizations work together to resolve eviction cases without the need for a trial before a judge.

“We want to get the tenant into the system and then we make that payment on behalf of the tenant to the property owners,” said Dwight Ford, Executive Director at Project Now.

Three to twelve months of rental assistance funds are available.

“We can move the dollars and the resources so that we can not only keep people housed but to take care of the back rent that is owed to property owners,” Ford said.

With the end of the moratorium, data from the U.S. Census Bureau estimates more than sixty thousand Illinoisians say they are likely to face eviction in the next two months.

“We don’t have the shelter capacity if there is a large influx of people being evicted. There is nowhere for them to go. We are short affordable housing so our goal is to keep them in their units, housed where they are,” said Ron Lund, Community Services Director at Project NOW.

With 1.5 million still available, Project NOW says more tenants will be able to keep their lease.

“That’s our goal is to get it out. It does no good for us to sit on it. If we don’t spend it, it goes back to the federal government,” said Lund.

To apply for assistance, call Project NOW for an appointment at (309)-793-6391.

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