Magnifying Pathways Ep. 3: Local women aspire to give QC children a stepping stone to success

Published: Oct. 13, 2021 at 10:54 AM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - On episode 3 of Magnifying Pathways, TV6′s Brittany Kyles moderates a panel discussion with four local women.


Panelist discuss ways to give Quad City children a stepping stone to success.

Wednesdays topic comes from research found by Quad Cities Educational Data Exchange, stating 1 in 6 kids in the Quad Cities starts kindergarten without the skills needed to succeed.

In order to lower this statistic the United Way Women United organization talk about a few resources local families can use.

“Women United really rally around our youngest Quad Citizens, in regards to the educational lever, so we find ways in which we can kind of wrap our hands around those youngest Quad Citizens and provide them with skills or services that they need,” said Ashley Hicks.

One resource panelist begin talking about is Born Learning, which is a series of six free workshops that are designed to help parents prepare their children for success.

“One of the wonderful benefit of the Born Learning Academies is the relationships and the learning that takes place, between the parents and the grandparents, and the caregivers that attend, said McCraw.

“One of the most valuable takeaways from the session is the fact that parents get a chance to network with one another, how many times do we sometimes think, ‘I’m in this alone, but actually were not, and when the parents get together they can network,” said Allison.

“It really teaches people that its okay to lean on those resources and that parents shouldn’t feel bad because they don’t have a teaching degree, that they’re not qualified to teach their children,” said Crist.

Panelist also talked about the challenges and wins through helping parents with these resources during the coronavirus pandemic.

“A ray of hope for me would be that the parents are able to come back into the center, when the pandemic first started the parents could only come into the front foyer of the center to sign in their name and give them a kiss and here we had to meet that parent at the door and take the parent to the classroom,” said Allision.

“The parents are really interested in this and getting to go participate and go watch these, watching these parents like Lisa and Pat said, create binds and realize that their neighbor also has kids their age, and I think we’ve gone through such a period of isolation so its really kind of heart warming to me to watch these parents kind of come out of that shell and kind of realize that they’re not alone,” said Hicks.

For parents with a child who hasn’t yet entered kindergarten and/or is expecting a child, here are a list of upcoming registrations dates for Born Learning.

Looking ahead to episode 4 of ‘Magnifying Pathways’, a new list of panelist will discuss the ‘culture of inclusivity’.

This episode will air October 27th at 9am on our KWQC livestream and TV6 news app.

Magnifying Pathways is a partnership with TV6 and United Way Quad Cities, as we aspire to expose Quad Citians to local available resources.

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