Parents charged after infant’s body found in bedroom wall

Published: Nov. 6, 2021 at 2:21 PM CDT
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CHARLEROI, Pa. (KDKA) - A woman in Pennsylvania is accused of hiding her baby’s body inside a wall of her home.

Kylie Wilt, 25, is facing charges of concealing the death of a child, and abuse of a corpse among other charges.

The baby’s father Alan Hollis, 27, is also facing charges.

A former neighbor of the couple, Robin Stasicha, said she used to hear the baby crying all the time.

“I’m sick. It’s a horrible feeling,” Stasicha said.

She used to live right next door to Wilt and Hollis until she said they moved about a month ago.

She said she knew the couple had a baby.

“I used to hear the baby crying all the time. And, all of a sudden, I didn’t one day and didn’t see them bringing him in and out, and didn’t figure this is what happened,” she said.

So, she asked the property manager about the baby.

“I told her I haven’t seen the baby and I was concerned, and she said they told her the baby had passed away.” Stasicha said. “I’m here mostly all the time, I come and go, but I’ve never seen an ambulance. So, automatically you would call 911, you would call an ambulance or something if your baby wasn’t responding to you.”

On Thursday, investigators showed up at the house the couple moved to in order to help Child Youth Services, who was looking for the child.

“We found out the child was placed in a wall, the inside a wall and was dry walled over from statements made by mom,” Washington County District Attorney Jason Walsh said.

Wilt told police the baby died back in February at their previous home from sudden infant death syndrome and they didn’t have money to bury him.

She said she wrapped the baby, believed to be about six months old at the time, in blankets, placed him in a crate and kept him in the laundry room.

Once they moved to their current home, she told investigators she put the crate, with the baby in it, in the wall in her bedroom.

“There was discoloration, different color paint, obviously looked like dry wall cut out and section was replaced in the bedroom,” Walsh said.

Now, Stasicha thinks about what she could have done to help.

“I wish I could’ve gone there before this happened,” she said.

Wilt’s sister told KDKA through Facebook she had no idea the baby was missing.

She claimed Hollis was abusive to her sister and he kept her isolated from their family.

The district attorney believed three other children also lived with the couple. It’s unclear where they are right now.

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