Superintendents Corner: Moline-Coal Valley School District

Published: Dec. 3, 2021 at 6:06 AM CST
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MOLINE, Illinois (KWQC) - On another episode of Superintendents Corner, Dr. Rachel Savage of the Moline-Coal Valley School District stopped in to give an update.

Dr. Savage gave an update on covid-19 cases within the district, as the new omicron variant has become a big topic of concern.

“We are still in the learning process about this variant, just like everyone else, I can tell you we have not received any new information from the county department of health, the state department of health, we really haven’t seen any new guidance come down to the superintendents level regarding the variant. What I can tell we are wearing masks, we are making sure that we are offering mitigations, we are making sure that kids do not come to school sick,” said Dr. Savage.

Dr. Savage went into details about violence in Moline High School, TV6 received a few messages regarding social media accounts with students fighting in the high school.

“Certainly I can tell you we don’t condone violence...I don’t know a school that does, we don’t like to see it, it happens. She goes on to say “students safety is our first line of defense, so getting kids out of that area, the fight has taken place and putting a stop to it, that’s our number one goal. Then engaging with law enforcement if its at that level, engaging with parents and other service providers.”

" I was made aware of the fight yesterday right away. I can tell you we are cooperating with the police department and engaging in next steps with the families of these students that were engaged in these fights.” said Dr. Savage.

Wrapping up on a good note, Dr. Savage shared some wins of the week.

“Were also seeing record numbers of student participation in clubs, activities, extracurriculars in all levels of our district. Kids are getting involved and that is a good positive thing, said Dr. Savage.

“We have Share Joys at Moline High School, its been going on for year and year and years, I’m sure everyone knows about it, It’s a service learning project where students at the high school raise large amounts of money,” said Dr. Savage.

Next week Dec. 7th TV6 will hear an update from the Rock Island-Milan Superintendent.

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