Hundreds in Silvis celebrate el día de reyes magos, three kings day

January 6 is día de los reyes magos, otherwise known as the epiphany or three king's day.
Published: Jan. 6, 2022 at 10:26 PM CST
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SILVIS, Ill. (KWQC) - TV6 continues celebrating holidays all around the Quad Cities. January 6 is día de los reyes magos, otherwise known as the epiphany or three king’s day. It’s a popular holiday in Latin America. For many Catholics, it celebrates the day the three wise men made it to baby Jesus.

In other countries, Santa Claus is the one who gives gifts. In Mexico for example, the three wise men bring you gifts instead. Since they brought various gifts to Jesus, they can bring you presents if you leave your shoes outside your door, showing a child is inside.

While gifts are a big part of the day, so is the food... in particular, la Rosca de Reyes. It’s a sweet bread, traditionally eaten on the epiphany. La Canasta bakery in Silvis is one of the few places in the Quad Cities area where you can buy the sweet treat. Owner Gerardo Chavez says this week they’ve already sold over 400! “The rosca de reyes has 3 main meanings. The ring means there’s no end or start, the baby Jesus represents Jesus when he was being hidden from the soldiers. And the decoration on top represents the crown of the tres reyes,” explains Chavez. Inside the rosca is a plastic doll about one inch tall, meant to represent Jesus.

One of the many customers on Thursday was Noemi Cruz, who came in to buy a rosca. She says she’s celebrated the holiday since she was a child. “It’s a tradition that we have like Hispanics, it’s a very pretty celebrations for the kids so they have that faith and out culture,” she said. (Es una tradición que nosotros tenemos como hispanos, es una celebración muy bonita para los niños para que tengan una creencia y nuestra culturas.)

Chavez describes the holiday as almost like a second Christmas, where you can get more gifts. Cruz says, “the rosca is a sweet treat. To me, the most important is seeing my children’s the happy faces in the morning when they wake up and see their presents. That’s the most important.” (La rosca es algo mas comun, un anotjito que será. A mi, lo más importante es ver los caritas felices de mis hijos por la mañana cuando se despiertan y miran sus regalos. Eso es lo mas importante)

The holiday is full of sweets, gifts, and traditions. If you find the hidden baby Jesus in your slice, you’re chosen as the one who brings tamales to our next holiday which is on February 2. It’s believed that’s when Mary presents Jesus to the town, per Jewish law where the infant and mother must wait 40 days to visit their temple.

La Canasta Bakery is selling the roscas until Saturday. they have the traditional roscas as well as others with strawberry, cajeta, chocolate, or cream cheese filling. You can pre-order or pick up.

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