Moline-Coal Valley Schools offering incentives in effort to fill substitute teacher positions

Published: Jan. 20, 2022 at 6:26 PM CST
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MOLINE, Illinois (KWQC) - Moline-Coal Valley School District started a cash incentive program this week to try to attract more substitute teachers. As part of the program, every time a substitute fills in for twenty days, they will receive three hundred dollars. Substitutes can earn up to $1,200 if they sub for eighty days.

“We will take as many as we can get,” said Dr. Rachel Savage, Superintendent at Moline-Coal Valley School District, “It causes folks to think about it a little bit more and maybe if they were on the fence or didn’t know if that was something they wanted to do, hopefully, that’s something that they will take advantage of.”

Savage says the district already has about 160 substitutes.

“We hired more long-term subs for each of our schools this year and we still need more help,” said Savage.

To help fill the national shortage, Eastern Iowa Community College offered scholarships to cover the cost of the class needed to become a substitute in Iowa.

“It basically goes over all of those need to knows for being in a classroom, what to do, what are the safety procedures and how to help students,” said Paula Arends, EICC’s Director of Continuing Education and Professional Development.

EICC says the substitute course is 21 hours but will be shortened to 15.

“We need people everywhere throughout the entire district. Sometimes the need is so great that we could always use extra sets of hands,” said Savage.

According to the school district, substitutes can earn about $110 per day. If they fill in long-term, the rate goes up to about $120.

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