Moline officials remind the public I-74 pedestrian bridge is still under construction

Published: Feb. 15, 2022 at 11:10 PM CST
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MOLINE, Ill. (KWQC) - Even though the new I-74 bridge opened to cars in December, Moline officials are asking pedestrians to be patient.

Moline City Administrator Bob Vitas said he understands people are excited to cross the new bridge on foot.

“People were actually walking across the bridge,” Vitas said. “In some cases, even riding bicycles across the bridge. And unfortunately, it’s really not open yet.”

Vitas reminded Quad Citizens that not everything for the bridge is in place yet. One example — a glass piece of artwork called the oculus.

“[The oculus] is meant to be installed into the viewing platform so that people can actually look down and see it,” Vitas said. “[It’s] different colors of blue, and it’s very beautiful ... but it’s still a hole. So how well it’s protected is anyone’s guess from day to day.”

Also still in the works — an intergovernmental agreement between Moline and Bettendorf for upkeep and maintenance schedules. City officials could have that ready as early as March.

In the meantime, Moline doesn’t plan on handing out fines for people caught walking the bridge. The city is more concerned about safety.

“It’s kind of like jaywalking on the street,” Vitas said. “Is it a smart thing to jaywalk cross street when there’s traffic? Probably not. It’s really no different.”

While it might be tempting to catch the view, Vitas urged everyone to make use of all the other trails the Quad Cities have to offer.

“Please be safe out there,” Vitas said. “When we hear from Iowa DOT, and Illinois DOT, that they have completed all aspects of the pedestrian walkway and bikeway across the bridge, you know, then we planned on having a ceremony to open it.”

According to Vitas a ceremony for the pedestrian bridge should be sometime this spring.

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