Quad Cities weighs in on Daylight Saving Time

Published: Mar. 12, 2022 at 5:26 PM CST
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - St. Patrick’s Day parade goers in the Quad Cities this weekend will have one less hour to sleep off the aftermath of the celebrations.

“I think it’s kind of unfortunate because, you know, I didn’t ask for that,” said James Beiderbecke, a Moline resident at the parade. “I think that extra hour of sleep really makes or breaks the day, so it’s kind of unfortunate.”

Health experts agree with Beiderbecke, changes to sleep schedules can have a negative impact on your health.

“Sleep is very important for our cognitive, our mind and out mental functions,” said Tim Schultz, a Respiratory Therapy Manager at OSF Healthcare. “If you’ve gone on very few hours of sleep, the next day can be extremely tough.”

Sleep specialists say that the time change can make you more vulnerable to stroke and heart attacks, and sleepy drivers can lead to an increase in car and workplace accidents.

“All of us have our own vulnerability to circadian rhythm changes,” said Dr. Nancy Foldvary, a sleep specialist at the Cleveland Clinic. “Some of us can manage in very difficult situations when our sleep structure changes and others cannot.”

There is a movement to end daylight saving time, with a bill introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives recently passing to the Senate.

“I probably have received more email on this issue than any other issue I’ve worked on in Des Moines,” said Mike Sexton, a representative in the Iowa House. “I would say probably, overwhelmingly people want to get rid of it. People are tired of changing their clocks.”

Sexton says the most common emails he receives are from teachers with overtired kids and mothers.

“I’m a mom, so all of my sleep is very much valued,” said Blayke Grimm, a local mother at the parade. “So when I lose an hour it really kills me.”

With all of these negatives, there is at least one thing people like about the jump forward.

“I love it,” said Rick Pruter, a Quad Cities local at the parade with his family. “Get that light out so we can be outside at night when it’s nice and....cold out. Well, it will get warmer though!”

Sexton says if the bill passes the governor’s desk, Iowa will be added to a list of 19 states that have passed similar bills and are waiting for changes in federal law to enact them.

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