Neighborhood nurse saves LeClaire toddler’s life

Published: Mar. 23, 2022 at 12:35 AM CDT
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LECLAIRE, Iowa (KWQC) - A LeClaire boy is recovering after some quick action by a neighbor.

Last Wednesday, 18-month-old Eddie nearly drowned in a neighborhood pond, and was airlifted to Iowa City for treatment.

“I had a split second to panic,” Eddie’s neighbor, Katie Bailey said. “When I kind of got into the whole nurse mode.”

According to Bailey, it all started last Wednesday when baby Eddie was out playing with his siblings in front of his house. In a split second, Eddie ended up in a retention pond and his mom found him face down in the water. That’s when she rushed the baby down the driveway to Bailey’s house, who happens to be a nurse.

“She laid him on the floor right in her entryway and just yelling ‘Katie, Katie, Katie!’ Bailey said. “My mom came and took ... my infant son away from me. And I just went into action and kind of got my nurse mode on.”

Throughout her years as a nurse, Bailey has performed CPR countless times, however never on a toddler Eddie’s age. She said something like this is any parent’s worst nightmare.

“In this situation, I had to put my mom mind behind me,” Bailey said. “I had to think of nursing critical care, you know what to do in the situation to help this ... little boy, and make sure that he survived.”

Normally, Bailey has other doctors and nurses with supplies to help in stabilizing a patient. Instead, on Wednesday she was surrounded by family, as she was on maternity leave.

“This was different because I did have a bunch of people here, I had family here just because of being a new mom again. And so they were all here, but they had never done CPR before.”

About a week later, Eddie is recovering just fine almost as if nothing happened. While the neighborhood is still a little shocked, Bailey said she’s glad Eddie and her own kids live in such a tight-knit community.

“He’s doing great. He seems like he’s back to normal,” Bailey said. “He’s spunky, he is full of life. He, he runs around, he’s got this big, beautiful smile.”

Through her job, Bailey is certified for lif-saving measures for all ages. She urges everyone — including her husband and two older children — to get their CPR certifications.

“It’s important for anyone to know, even the basics because it could save a life,” Bailey said. “You never know when ... you’re going to need to use it.”

The Quad Cities Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Scott County Health Department are among a few organizations that offer resources for CPR training. Click the links to find out more information about those services.

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