Sherrard High School alum donates $150,000 to students, programs

Published: May. 12, 2022 at 7:54 AM CDT
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SHERRARD, Ill. (KWQC) - Ryan Carlson is a 2009 graduate of Sherrard High School and is now the owner and CEO of his own company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada.

He’s now using his success and now giving back money to the high school he graduated from.

Around 7:40 every morning, Sherrard High School students hit the airwaves on “STV” for the school’s morning announcements.

Sherrard Television is complete with a studio set up, cameras, microphones and a control room.

Much of the equipment at STV has been updated thanks to the generous donation of Sherrard alum, Ryan Carlson.

Carlson donated $100,000 benefiting school programs such as “STV”.

“I’m really glad someone like that could give so much money to our school, and give us the opportunities and stuff we need to become successful in high school. It also gives us a very good advantage for us to also get our voice out,” said senior Brenin Krack.

Around $22,000 was used for upgrades at STV, including new cameras, microphones, teleprompters and even a drone was purchased for students to shoot video outside the school.

“Ryan was good to give back to his community. I don’t know what we would’ve done if we had not got those donations because a lot of our equipment was getting old,” said Brian Hutton, media and social studies teacher at Sherrard High School.

“It’s great for the people that are going to come in and do it next year. I’m glad they’re going to continue to have the opportunity to do it. And we have some of the nicest stuff to do it,” said Terryn Krup

In addition to the $100,000 for school programs, an additional $50,000 was donated, going directly toward scholarships for students this school year and next.

”We have academic scholarship evening that in years past was based on all donations and fundraising, and folks weren’t able to do that very often. So this donation allowed us to greatly enhance and increase the amount of scholarships that were given to seniors,” said Tim Wernentin, principal at Sherrard High School.

Some of the donated money will go toward a trip to Europe social studies students will be taking over the summer.

The principal is also looking into getting a new and improved scoreboard in the high school’s gym.

“It wouldn’t have been able to happen without that frankly, because monies in schools is very tight, and so our students would really have lost out if we weren’t able to get this donation. So again, we’re just amazed on so grateful Ryan was able to do that for us,” said Wernentin.

Ryan Carlson frequently donates money to charitable causes. He has donated more than $1,000,000 to charitable causes involving education, healthcare access and animal welfare.

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