Nonprofit ‘Rejuvenates’ first house in Davenport

Published: Jul. 7, 2022 at 6:15 PM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - A Quad Cities nonprofit and bank showed off a newly renovated house in hopes of revitalizing Central Davenport.

A little over a year after it was founded, Rejuvenate Housing will soon close on its first house on 14th Street. The group’s goal is to fix up old houses and identify low to moderate-income families that would be a great fit.

Treasurer Ed Winborn said he grew up just across the street.

“There’s no reason why the central part of Davenport can’t be a cool place to live,” Winborn said. “Once ... people start seeing houses improved, and neighborhoods improve ... people will start moving into the neighborhoods. The same thing happened to downtown.”

The nonprofit received a $25,000 grant from Quad Cities Bank and Trust to buy and renovate the once condemned house. Vice President of Commercial Lending Beth Dunn said it all fits into their mission.

“It always helps stabilize the neighborhoods and the Quad Cities when we’re using existing housing stock,” Dunn said. We’re moving families in rather than letting a house to sit empty. Where there’s no gain for the city. There’s no game for anybody.”

Upgrades to the first house included everything from new carpet and windows to reinforced structural components. Winborn said if the work is done, Central Davenport can be a great place to live.

“If we can just encourage young people to move back into the neighborhoods, they can buy a very, very good house,” Winborn said. “[If they] do a little work on it, sometimes major work ... they can live quite well.”

The group has already demolished a house on one side of the house on 14th Street, with plans to acquire another house on the other side.

Rejuvenate’s next house was donated by St. Ambrose University, a few blocks away on 17th Street, with work scheduled to begin soon.

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