‘KLIMB Classic’ dog sporting competition in Maquoketa attracts people and pets from all across the US

Published: Jul. 15, 2022 at 12:32 PM CDT
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MAQUOKETA, Iowa (KWQC) - Whether it is disc catching or dock diving, hundreds of dogs and their owners are in Maquoketa for the third annual “KLIMB Classic.”

For the third year in a row, dogs from across the United States compete for the Blue-9 KLIMB Classic.

More than 350 dogs are competing for ribbons in four sporting events this year.

The KLIMB Classic was created as a way to give back to the local community and the events continue to grow each year.

“Blue-9 Pet Products is based right out of here in Maquoketa, Iowa. And the KLIMB Classic was a sporting event that we wanted to pull together in order to give back to our local community of dogs, and a way to introduce people to dog sports as a way to connect and develop a better bond with their dog,” said Jamie Popper, director of marketing for Blue-9 Pet Products based in Maquoketa.

“The KLIMB is Blue-9′s flagship product designed to help manage problem behaviors in the home. As we were thinking about what to name this inaugural event, we wanted to name it after our flagship product,” said Popper.

“We have dock diving. This is where our dogs run the length of a dock and they are judged based on how far they jump into the swimming pool, and some of these dogs are jumping 20 plus feet out into that swimming pool.,” said Popper.

“We also have disc dog. And there are a variety of different games that the dogs can play in the frisbee disc dog field. Anything from seeing how far you can throw the frisbee and still have your dog catch it. And then also our freestyle competition,” said Popper.

We also have fast cat, which is a lure coursing sports where the dogs are chasing a white plastic bag as their lure. Some of these dogs are running more than 25 miles per hour,” said Popper.

“And then we have barn hunt. This really tests those dogs’ instincts on how to hunt out vermin that might be in the barn,” said Popper.

“We have over 350 dogs that have traveled from all across the United States to come and compete here. We’ve got people as far south as Florida, and as far east as New York State,” said Popper.

“We get to see lots of friends we don’t see all the time. Plus they do host a pretty nice event. So we do have a lot of fun seeing all the dogs that come as well as beginner dogs, that’s more beginner friendly. So, if you’re trying it out, it’s nice,” said Janessa Montgomery of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

“We just recently got into dog sport competition. So the wife and I decided to pack up the SUV and let’s drive 13, 14 hours across the country to come throw a disc with the dog and it’s the best decision we’ve made this year, so far,” said Justin Tippin from Denver, Colorado.

“It’s given her her life back. She actually suffers from chronic illness. She had a really rough time for a few years. She got in with this group, they kind of talked her up, got her training her dogs and it has given her, given her life back,” said Tippin.

“It’s fun. Everyone here is so friendly. So much stuff to do. There’s dock, there’s barn hunt. It’s just, it’s never-ending fun. It’s definitely worth the trip,” said Tippin.

The KLIMB Classic continues through July 17 from 8 to 5 p.m. each day.

If you would like to get your dog involved in next year’s event, click here or here for more information.

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