Davenport teens’ hobby of making jewelry turns into business: ‘Dave the Frog Crafts’

Published: Aug. 22, 2022 at 5:50 PM CDT
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DAVENPORT, Iowa (KWQC) - “It’s all homemade and it’s kind of just a bit of everything,” said Claire Roisen.

Meet Claire Roisen and Skye Lortz Simpson. The two 15-year-old Davenport Central sophomores have been friends for a few years now and have always exercised their creative side.

“It’s kind of always been a thing of ours that we’ve wanted to do ever since we became friends in like sixth grade,” said Roisen

Two years ago, the friends decided to create their own business selling their homemade jewelry.

That’s when “Dave the Frog Crafts” was born.

They sell their jewelry at the Freight House Farmers’ Market.

From rings and pendants, to earrings, bracelets and everything in between, the girls put in many hours each week crafting their products.

“We’re more on the creative side, so we just kind of are like ‘hey, this would be kind of cool.’ and then sometimes we talk it over like, ‘hey how do you think this would look? Do you think this looks better? What should we do?’ that’s kind of how our whole thing works,” said Roisen.

“Yeah, and even though we do stuff separately, we always do it kind of together because I might make something but I’m like, ‘Claire, do you think this looks better with charms or by itself?’ or whatever like that,” said Lortz Simpson.

Selling their work at the local farmers’ market brings the teens a sense of pride, and they have learned many life skills while running their own business and balancing their extracurriculars at davenport central.

“Managing this with school has been really hard, but it’s been amazing once we get it all together,” said Roisen.

“It’s fun and we always figure it out. And we do a lot of it together. And I can definitely agree, people skills. To be honest, I can’t say that I ever wanted to talk to any stranger. But now I go up to people and I’m like “Hi, how are you? How are you doing?’ and they just wanna talk. They wanna talk about their day,” said Lortz Simpson.

You may be wondering, where did the name “Dave the Frog” come from?

Claire: “it’s kind of like an inside joke. And honestly, I don’t even think we could explain it. It’s just like a funny thing really. It’s just an inside joke. You had to be there.”

TV6: “You guys don’t want try to explain it at all?”

Skye: “Nope. We’re gonna keep it a secret.”

You can find “Dave the Frog Crafts” at the Freight House Farmers’ Market every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Find “Dave the Frog Crafts” on Instagram and TikTok: @davethefrogcrafts